base: felicity
100% bluefaced leicester
100g | 366 m | 400 y

This is a high-twist, two ply superwash yarn that contains no plastics. Along with that, its plumpness and durability make it a great choice for sock knitting.

Tritoma on the Felicity base is a saturated colour, somewhere between light orange and deep mustard yellow; dyed with weld and fustic.

Peony is a lightly variegated, candy floss pink; dyed with cherry plum and cochineal.

Ochre is a rich brownish yellow; or yellowish brown; dyed with alder cones.

Scallop is a solid, clear light peach; dyed with madder and cutch.

Dune is a warm light brown / tan colour; dyed with willow leaves.

  • tritoma
  • peony
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  • ochre
  • scallop
  • dune