Caring for botanically dyed textiles

Your linens have been carefully prepared to receive botanical dye through a process called mordanting, which will ensure that the texiles are light and washfast, however, please follow the following care instructions to ensure your items retain their colour and hand for many years to come.


Although a lukewarm handwash is recommended, your goods can be machine washed, but on a cycle no hotter than 30 degrees Celcius. A pH neutral, eco laundry detergent is recommended, such as any from the ECOVER brand.  

To spot clean stains, run the textile under cold water before the stain dries, and use some diluted pH neutral washing up liquid to gently rub the stain out.

Do not use abrasive brushes, hot water, or bleach.

Many natural dyes are pH sensitive, meaning that conventional laundry detergents which are often highly alkaline can change the colour of your piece or even strip it. 

A special note
Strong acids such as any citrus fruit juice (lemon, lime, orange, etc) and vinegars and wine can also damage naturally dyed textiles.
If any of these spill, immediately rinse the textile under cold running water but do not rub excessively. The mordant that binds the dye to the fibre will reattach and the colour should be preserved, with only minimal lightening of the piece.

There's no need to use fabric softener as linen, especially will soften naturally with time and use. 

Your textiles are best line dried, and on very sunny days, out of direct sunlight. 
You can also tumble dry them in a short and low temperature cycle.

If you need to iron your textiles, use a medium heat steam iron.

These guidelines will help you enjoy and get the most out of your naturally dyed pieces.