Summer Solstice hearth minis set


base: hearth fingering
100% peruvian highland wool
non superwash
20g | 84 m | 91 y

Trusty Peruvian highland wool. Comfortingly rustic, even and light, spun with 4 plies. Classic and versatile for a variety of knit projects.

Each set contains 10 mini skeins, in a choice of 3 colour collections, Classic, Bold and Soft.

Classic set colourways:

red: garnet
orange: crocosmia
peach: sunset
yellow: gorse
green: leaf
blue: neptune
purple: violet
pink: peony
grey: pewter
brown: earth

Bold set colourways:

red: cherry
orange: phoenix
peach: coral
brown: dune
grey: storm
purple: grape
pink: dahlia
green: manzanilla
yellow: wild oxalis
blue: turquoise

Soft set colourways:

red: rosehip
orange: butternut
yellow: mimosa
green: sage
blue: cumulonimbus
purple: agapanthus
pink: hellebore
peach: rosebud
grey: alabaster
brown: peridotite

  • Classic
  • Bold
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  • Soft
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