base: snug
50% baby suri alpaca | 30% extrafine merino | 20% silk
non superwash
100g | 1200 m | 1310 y

The outstanding yardage of this soft and supple yarn gives it so much versatility. It can be used alone, for delicately light yet warm knits, or held together with another yarn to bump up its weight. Perfect for adding softness, warmth and drape to accessories too.

Colours available are as follows:

- Raspberry is a solid and cheerful, bright pinky peach; dyed with cochineal and rhubarb root.

- Scallop is a semi-solid, pastel pink streaked peach; dyed with cochineal and chestnut.

- Peony is a light candy floss pink; dyed with cochineal.

- Apple Breath is pale green cream; dyed with pomegranate.

- Lightly Spiced is a light reddish brown; dyed with madder, cutch and pomegranate.

  • raspberry
  • scallop
  • peony
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  • apple breath
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  • lightly spiced
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