base: sanctum fingering
70% grey baby alpaca | 20% silk
10% cashmere
non superwash
100g | 400 m | 437 y

Baby alpaca is warm and drapes beautifully, while the natural grey fibre gives interest and depth to the colours dyed onto it. The blended silk and cashmere adds the most luxurious softness.

Raspberry is a pinkish, light red; dyed with cochineal and rhubarb root.

Amethyst is a pastel lilac purple; dyed with logwood and cochineal.

Pink clay is a pale, burnt pink; dyed with quebracho.

Pumpkin spice is a warm, light brown with generous streaks of rusty red; dyed with myrobalan and madder.

Lichen is a cool, grey-toned olive green; dyed with weld and pomegranate.

  • raspberry
  • amethyst
  • pink clay
  • pumpkin spice
  • lichen