Juicy mohair-silk minis set


base: nest
weight: lace
72% kid mohair | 28% silk
non superwash
10g | 96 m | 105 y

A fine strand of silk enwrapped in feather-soft kid mohair. Use alone to create weightless and sheer fabrics, or double, triple or more strands to bolster other fibres, adding bounce, comfort and cosiness.

5 mini skeins in a set, 2 cheery colour collections.

- citrus crush-
sanguinello (lac)
grapefruit (lac)
pomelo (onion skins)
lemon (weld + pomegranate)
lime (weld + pomegranate)

- berry bliss -
mulberry (logwood + cochineal)
strawberries and cream (lac)
salmonberry (hawthorn)
lychee sorbet (purple plum)
gooseberry (weld + pomegranate)

  • citrus crush
  • berry bliss