ORDER the Summer Of Making ebook

Ainur of Mamasteddybear and I have been cooking up something magical - we have written an e-book together!

It's no secret that Ainur is one of my favourite knitwear designers: I adore her stylish, modern and beautifully constructed designs that seem to somehow have been created to suit my tastes specifically, and when Ainur pitched the idea to work together on this project, I jumped at the chance to partner with an admired colleague on writing a book, something I've always dreamt of doing.


Included in the book are:

The  full price is $30 (approximately £21.70) and in an effort to make the e-book affordable to more people, we have set up the Pay What You Can system starting from $20 (approx £14.50). Thank you so much for your interest and support!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER our e-book "A Summer Of Making: Knit Heirlooms Using Natural Dyes"